Ydw series forward centrifugal fan with motor ventilation fan blower

                                                        LOW-NOISE CENTRIFUGAL FANI. Features of fanYDW series low-noise centrifugal fan is a kind of new energy-saving centrifugal fan that is

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                                                        LOW-NOISE CENTRIFUGAL FAN

I. Features of fan
YDW series low-noise centrifugal fan is a kind of new energy-saving centrifugal fan that is consisted of parts such as advanced multi-blade impeller, logarithmic spiral casing, built-in direct-connected low noise three-phase asynchronous motor with outer rotor, arc streamline inlet, etc. The fan is structured as a double-inlet one and is novel in structure, small in dimension, large in air flow and low in vibration. The motor can lower the voltage through three-phase voltage regulator, achieving stepless speed regulation to adapt to location where the air flow frequently changes, so it is an ideal accessory product in operations of air-conditioning, purification, refrigeration and automobile spray booth.
II. Fan structure
YDW series low-noise centrifugal fan is mainly consisted of casing, impellers, air inlet, motor, etc.
1. The casing is made by high-quality steel plates with plastic-sprayed surface or galvanized steel plates with weld-free seam. It is fine in appearance, resistant to heat and humidity and durable in use.
2. The impeller is made of forward multi-blade circular arc blades riveted with front and middle discs. It is made of fine machined galvanized steel plates and all the parts of the impeller are formed by one-time stamping forming in mold to ensure its accuracy. It is then calibrated through static and dynamic balance after forming, so it is smaller in vibration when in operation, excellent in pneumatic performance, low in noise and stable in operation.
3. Air inlet is made of galvanized steel plates subject to processing by mold. It is mounted on both sides of the fan with curved section parallel to axial direction that makes the smooth air flow and less loss.
4. Motor: The low noise three-phase asynchronous motor with outer rotor is adopted. The impeller is bolted to motor as a whole to reduce transmission loss, enhancing the whole efficiency of fan. Change of fan delivery can be achieved by adjusting the rotation speed of fan through three-phase voltage regulator or frequency conversion governor.
 5. The fan can be made in the form of either Right Rotation or Left Rotation. When it is viewed from the front of the motor, the fan is a right-rotation one in case that its impeller rotates clockwise, otherwise it is a left-rotation one. The fan outlet can be made with several angles such as 0°, 90° or 180°.
III. Application
1. It is applicable to indoor ventilation of buildings such as factory, hotels, halls and hospitals etc., as well as support to various central air-conditioners and frame type air-conditioning units. It is especially applicable to air-conditioning units of variable air volume and low noise.
2. It is suitable to be used along with various purification equipment.
3. It is suitable to be used along with various coating, dedusting and smoke exhausting equipment.
4. It is applicable to ventilation of various kinds of automobile spray booth and drying room etc.

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